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People call me Bish
Who i am

Yeap the cool looking dude on the picture, that's me.
Full Stack PHP Developer, with years of experience from Bournemouth, England, with a love and passion for designing, coding, and fixing things. A perfectionist with a commitment to deliver elegant looking websites and web applications that engages, informs and delights, while maintaining quality and enhancing the overall user experience (UX) of the site.

"Hardest worker in the room.. Always improve.. Evolve.. Never give up.. Learn the lesson from my mistakes.. A passionate Programmer.. Always humble and hungry.. "

What is more awesome than doing the work that could be seen and used by others all over the world which is built on my personal laptop? It is like Christmas to me.


Converting Coffees into Beautiful Ideas and Codes
PHP, MySQL, HTML5, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, JSON, CSS, SASS, SEO
Object Oriented Programming (OOP), MVC, Phalcon - the PHP framework
Linux, Apache, Beanstalk, Cronjob, Job Scheduler, Postman
GIT, Github, Gitlab, REST API, Agile
Customising Wordpress themes
Illustrator, Photoshop

Bonus Features :

Big guns that helps me code faster.


Access to Higher Education Diploma

Business Studies & IT
Bournemouth and Poole College

Foundation Degree in Computer Science (Distinction)
Bournemouth University

Field of specialization : Java programming, System Designing, Network Designing, Human Computer Interaction, Internet Application Development and Web Development.

Utili Software Ltd - Bournemouth
Online Estate Agent Software for Sales & Lettings Agencies
  • Build bespoke websites tailored to client needs that is 100% responsive and work accross all browsers.
  • Customise Wordpress websites based on client business requirements and feedback.
  • Integrate existing client websites with the Utili software.
  • Customise Utili template website according to client needs.
PACS-TOOLS Ltd - Ferndown
Real Estate and Facilities Management Consultancy
  • Responsible for improving and maintaining the large legacy codebase.
  • Adding new features to the modules according the requirements provided by Development manager on agreed deadline.
  • Customizing the interface, refactoring code and fixing bugs.
  • Fine tuning the mysql queries, improve the speed of the tool.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve problems assigned by Support Application Manager.
2015 - Present
Kondor Ltd - Christchurch
Consumer Electronics Accessories Distributor
  • Responsible for maintaining, improving codebase, designing and developing internal web applications applying SOLID object oriented design principles (my fav mantra) and utilising agile practices.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation for code, configuration and Api including class, data and process flow diagrams.
  • Working with UAT testers and Scrum Master with project planning, designing and testing new features .
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems reported by users
  • Responsible for adding new features, customizing the interface of Internal Product Content Management System(PCMS) to manage the lifecycle of products from Product Creations to the End of life.
  • Created Content Management systems(CMS) to update the websites contents such as images, title, description, prices etc.
  • Developed half dozen brand new system interface integrating 3rd party Api's such as Ebay, Amazon and Wish.
  • Develop & maintain highly customised Rest Api's for the Integrations Engine that are used by Order Management System (OMS) to talk to 3rd party applications and services & automating the business processes and customer orders using such as Cronjob, Beanstalk, filewatcher, node.js etc.
  • Delivered Single Sign On (SSO) system that will allow user to login in all the applications through single login and control the permissions on each system based on job role and system urls.
  • Carrying out PHP unit testing for every php functionality.
  • Responsible for sending/receiving data to SAGE platform using SOAP and XML.
  • Developed editable Smart Importer application that wil allow user to import and edit the CSV via the interface similar to Navicat.
  • Developed Oauth authorisation service for Internal Integration Engine to work with all eBay REST APIs to use OAuth 2.0 protocol for application authentication and user authorization
  • Working with senior developers for code review & quality request where my main aim is to improve and become a better engineer